macOS 清理时间机器快照

March 14, 2023 • Read: 17 • 技术

安装 Asahi Linux 发现磁盘可用空间为 0,查阅文档发现是时间机器的问题。

We're going to resize this partition:
  APFS [Macintosh HD] (245.11 GB, 6 volumes)
  Total size: 245.11 GB
  Free space: 132.23 GB
  Available space: 0 B
  Overhead: 94.23 GB
  Minimum total size: 245.11 GB (100.00%)


$ tmutil listlocalsnapshots /
$ sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots # For example, 
$ sudo tmutil deletelocalsnapshots 2021-06-26-123740
# Once you see the statement "Delete local snapshot" followed by the date and time stamp, the local snapshot has been deleted.


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