m1 MacBook 安装 asahi linux 磁盘调整失败解决

January 10, 2023 • Read: 25 • 技术

尝试在 MacBook Air m1 安装 asahi linux ,在磁盘分区过程遭遇报错,具体过程没有留下来,是类似这样的报错:

error: doc-id tree: record exists for doc-id 64, file-id 9665861 but no inode references this doc-id


尝试后发现还是报错,后来在 asahi linux 的 github 找到一个类似问题,使用下列方法解决:

I had a similar issue, where /dev/disk3s5 had warnings that wouldn't go away, and I solved it as follows:

Boot into recovery and open a terminal
`diskutil unmountdisk /dev/disk3`
`fsck_apfs /dev/disk3` (and hit y in response to the various prompts)

I believe unmounting was the important part.



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