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Maybe reading is the most valuable thing in my life.

Reading brings me happiness from the heart

I like reading. And reading brings me happiness from the heart. I need to do a lot of things every day. But how to do things well and quickly? I deem that if my try my utmost to reading, i will do it. By reading i can see a bigger world, i can find that maybe i need. Through such a little accumulation. I have gained a lot of useful knowledge. And when knowledge accumulates to a certain extent, i will achieve a new transformation. Just like before, i will be working quickly and perfect. Not only that, i will be able to do more and more work.

Other than this. Through reading, i will see a bigger world.

Reading brings me see a bigger world

Maybe through internet, i will see a bigger world too. But this kind of seeing is often very shallow. The internet help to people who can message quickly. Everyone, everything, every time.

But it just like fast food. Standardized work, increased efficiency, lost the pleasure of chance.

Just like in the moment, using the attitude of writing books to do programs has become a slogan for some products.

This also proves that the fact that a book can bring people is far more than the content itself.

In the contemporary world, it is of great signification for youngsters to reading books. Based on a survey, a majority of organization or firms acknowledge that they prefer to recruiting employees who reading books.


If you want to find a bigger world, go to reading books.

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